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A Family Business of Solar Installers

Since 2018, Solar Seeker has been developing and installing solar systems for the residents and business owners of Southern Alberta.  After installing solar systems for themselves and some close friends and family, Jim, Mike, and Dean Seely saw an opportunity to help others acheive their dream of owning a solar energy system.  The family trio began to  offer their installation services and grow the adoption of solar in Southern Alberta, turning Solar Seeker into a full-fledged family run business.

"Installing Solar is Our Passion"

Meet the Team

Dean Seely

Dean Seely is the father of Jim, and Mike.  He is a Master Electrician with over 20 years of experience working in the renewable energy sector.

Jim Seely

Jim Seely is a Journeyman Apprentice Electrician who is responsible for system design, management, and installations.

Mike Seely

Mike Seely is a Journeyman Electrician with 20 years experience in renewables, specializing in installation and troubleshooting.

Our Partner

Spotpower offers exclusive electricity rates designed for residents of Southern Alberta who own and operate a solar energy system.  

Our Latest Work

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